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Everyone must have called for a locksmith at least once in their life. It is a quite common occurrence for people to lose their keys somewhere or the keys getting bent or broken to such extent that you can’t open a lock or you car door with it. A locksmith comes to your rescue at that time and can easily duplicate your existing key or even make a new key by analyzing the lock. Not just simple locks, locksmiths are familiar with the modern locks which work on electricity or magnetism or any other technology. Locks which open with your fingerprints or voice come in the same territory as well, no matter how sophisticated they seem from the outside. Looking after security is also a task of locksmiths and it only pays to hire an experienced one at that. A locksmith will come handy even in trivial cases like getting locked out of your car or facing a jammed lock. Kenmore Locksmith Store is one of the premium locksmiths in Kenmore and its surrounding area and specializes in providing a wide range of quick and quality locksmith services to people in need at any time of the day.

We are open for business 24 hours a day and can reach to your location in times of an emergency or on a further appointed day and time according to your needs. Just give us a call on 425-249-9656 to hire an experienced locksmith today!

About Us

Locksmithing is a group task as it would be really difficult and near impossible for a single locksmith to tend to different users in a huge area. That is why we collaborated with a lot of different locksmiths around a decade ago, each having tons of experience and created a network of different locksmiths handling customers in a certain zonal area. Each of our locksmiths are hired after a tough screening process where their skills are tested to a great extent and only the best are chosen to represent the name of Kenmore Locksmith Store as one of the best locksmiths in Kenmore. It is not an easy task and we have the trust of thousands of satisfied customers to keep doing good work as long as possible. Our experts are familiar with almost every kind of lock there is and know the building regulations one has to follow in Kenmore for official buildings and companies. They are highly dedicated and motivated towards giving the best service to you and in pursuit of that, are available at all times of day. Just give a call at 425-249-9656 and get more details.

Why Us

When we started out, our aim was to make things easier for our customers and to keep things as quick as we could. We have stayed on the same path still and have won a lot of different hearts with our professionalism, dedication and promptness to any situation. Some of the reasons as why you should choose Kenmore Locksmith Store over other locksmiths are:

24 Hour Service – Most locksmiths work in the normal 9 to 5 slot of the day and go home after that. Lock emergencies don’t come knocking on the door and can arise anytime. That is why we provide our services to anyone at all times of the day and not just from 9 to 5. You can call for a locksmith even in the middle of the night if you are in some trouble or facing an issue.

Affordable Pricing – We guarantee complete transparency in our work and in our pricing. There are no hidden charges which will be demanded from you after the service and there is no extra charge for providing service at odd hours as well. We keep things highly professional and never try to take advantage of people in their times of difficulty.

State-of-the-Art Tools – Whether it’s in our shop or in our mobile service van, we make sure that there are high quality premium grade tools available for the use of our locksmiths. After all it is a mechanical and physical task and the best results occur after using the best tools possible. This is again a step towards our aim of providing high quality service at all costs to our customers.

Our Services

Apart from repairing and working charm on simple padlocks at home, we are familiar in working with different locks and security systems available in offices and vehicles as well.

  • Residential Locksmith Services:

Having a trustworthy lock system at home gives you a slight peace of mind knowing that your precious belongings and things are protected completely from the grasp of an intruder or a thief. If you have existing security system installed in your home or want to upgrade it a bit then you can call for our locksmith in Kenmore. We specialize in duplicating keys, making new keys from scratch, installing deadbolts on doors and windows, locks on garage doors and other services as well. Get a free consultation today and make your home a fortress.

  • Commercial Locksmith Services:

If you are looking for a professional commercial locksmith in Kenmore then look no further because Kenmore Locksmith Store has all the resources you might need to make your office space more secure and prevent unauthorized people from getting in or out of your office. Our locksmiths can easily install security measures like fingerprint scanners, metal detectors, silent alarms, panic bars, barcode scanners and more to make sure that nothing goes out of your office without proper authorization. Security is a matter of grave concern for companies as they have a lot of sensitive data which can’t get out in any case.

  • Automobile Locksmith Services:

As one of the premium locksmith services in Kenmore, we provide automobile locksmith services to people in need as well, apart from residential and commercial locksmith services of course. There is a mobile van which is equipped with high class tools and an expert locksmith who can solve any kind of lock related issues easily and will be available for service at any point of the day. We can easily solve issues like people leaving their keys inside the car while it’s locked, lost transponder key, broken key in ignition and other issues as well.

  • Emergency Locksmith Services

Time is of the essence when you are stuck in an emergency somewhere and there aren’t any shops or anything nearby. Try not to panic and digress in those situations because it can make the whole thing even worse. If you are locked out of your car or have lost the key to your home somewhere after a night of partying then instead of freaking out and breaking the window of your car, call us instead. We provide emergency locksmiths in Kenmore and its neighboring areas who will reach your location equipped with quality tools in just a matter of time. You can call no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Kenmore Locksmith Store has been around for quite some time now and has been building a reputation of a dependable and trusted locksmith provider in Kenmore. Our locksmiths are highly professional and trained in soft skills as well making them a perfect companion at times of emergency. We are just a call away and are available at all times for your assistance. Just dial 425-249-9656 for more details or to hire a locksmith now!

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